Barbel Stocking Dec 2009

The River Aire has been stocked with Barbel last week – 500 Barbel were introduced to the River Aire at Myrtle Park, Bingley.

Although the river condition was up at the time – it was not as bad as it has been during Novembers never ending rain. All the Barbel seemed to happliy swim off into the river and we are pleased to report that at the time there were no upturned bellies!

The Barbel were 6-8 inches in length and about a year old. They were stocked by the EA .
All the barbel have been marked with a green implant about 1/2 inch long at the rear of the head, we would ask that anyone catching these Barbel can inform the club of their catch so we can monitor progress.

Likewise, if anyone finds any of the Barbel that did not survive – please let us know.

In addition to the stocking at Myrtle Park Barbel were also introduced at Kildwick (500) and the Saltaire Upper Length (500).


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