Matches 2016

Below are listed the clubs scheduled open matches for 2016 – these matches may be subject to change – so please check the paper and / or this website the week before.

For match Bookings please contact Tony Greenwood 07971 428678

Sunday April 24th Leeds /Liverpool Canal

1: D. Moffit 2lb 10oz.

2: R. Thornton 1lb 10oz.

3: = I. Ward & J. Clarke 1lb 8oz.

Sunday May 22nd Settler Dam

1: J. Clarke 10lb 5oz.

2: A. Greenwood 8lb 8oz.

3: I. Ward 4lb 8oz.

Sunday June 12th Coppice Pond

1: J. Clarke 11lb 14oz.

2: I. Needs 8lb 8oz.

3: B. Leonard 8lb.

Sunday July 17th Settler Dam

1: I. Needs 9lb 4oz.

2: A. Greenwood 7lb 3oz.

3: B. Leonard 5lb 12oz.

Sunday August 21st River Aire

1: I. Needs 6lb 12oz.

2: C. Dine 2lb 13oz.

3: B. Leonard 1lb 12oz.

Sunday Sept 4th Settler Dam

1: J. Clarke 3lb 2oz.

2: B. Leonard 3lb.

3: J. Storey 2lb 8oz.

Sunday September 25th River Aire

1: A. Greenwood 12lb 9oz.

2: I. Needs 10lb 5oz.

3: A. Healey 8lb 14oz.

Sunday October 16th River Aire

1: I. Needs 6lb 2oz.

2: J. Clarke 5lb 4oz.

3: C. Dine 3lb 14oz.

Sunday November 13th – River Aire

Date and Venue for Christmas Cheer match To Be Announced