Sunnydale Reservoir

Sunnydale Reservoir -  East Morton
Sunnydale Reservoir – East Morton

Sunnydale Reservoir is in East Morton, between Bingley and Keighley.

Day Tickets are available for this water and must be purchased before fishing.
Get your tickets from Crossflatts News (Bingley) or W H Kershaw (Shipley)
(see here for agent details)

The Reservoir contains Trout, Bream, Chub, Perch  and Roach. All baits are allowed. No Spinning. Trout size limit 12″


Turn left at this sign on Green End Road
Turn left at this sign on Green End Road

The track to the entrance is located off Green End Road – East Morton.
Approx 1/4 mile from start of Green End Road, bear left up hardcore road (Upwood Lane)

Turn right though field gate – observing to keep the gate in the state which you found it – ie- if gate is open – please leave open.Closed- please close after entering.

Follow track along the wallside then up hillside though next field gate.
Continue into dip and up to reservoir. Parking is adjacent.

NOTE on Directions – The directions facility on Google Maps used on this page – tells you to head up the road at the bottom of the reservoir and continue to the top- this is not actually the case – please keep left following the track up to the gates by the outlet and park there – DO NOT follow the branch off as indicated.