Club Rules

We often get asked about the club rules and to clarify certain points – the club rues are stated on this page with notes – so everything should be crystal clear- please follow the club rules and make sure you understand them prior to fishing

1.The Club shall be called “The Bingley Angling Club”.

2. The Club shall have its objects:

  • The preservation of fish life and the abolition of all illegal piscatorial offences.
  • The prevention of damage to the property of riparian owners and farmers.
  • To secure new waters where possible and to re-stock Club waters.
  • To create good fellowship among its members and anglers in general.

3. Each member is requested to endeavour to make new members.

4. The management of the Club shall be vested in the Committee.

5. The Committee to consist of 16 members, nine of whom must reside within Bradford Metropolitan District. Six members or half of the existing committee (whichever is the lesser at such time) shall form a quorum for committee meetings.

6. There shall be not more than three trustees who shall be appointed by the Committee. Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation or until removed from office by resolution of the Committee. The trustees shall be indemnified out of the assets of the Club against any risk and expense incurred by them in pursuance of their office.

7. Committee Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday in the month.

8. Any member with any matter of complaint shall be entitled to appear at a committee meeting after stating such, in writing, to the Secretary.

9. Should any matter arise not touched upon in these rules the Committee shall have power to deal with it as they think fit.

10. Members must read carefully all rules and report to the Secretary any contravention of same.

11. Any member breaking Club Rules as regards size limits, numbers of fish taken and dates of commencement of fishing, may be expelled or suspended from Club membership at the discretion of the Committee.

12. Members fishing any waters must be in possession of an EA licence.

13. When fishing Club waters members must use a single hook except when fishing for pike, or fly fishing for trout.

How many rods can I use on club waters?

14. That members use one rod only on all Club waters except :

  • On rivers and the canal, where a second rod, or both rods may be used for Pike
  • For Carp fishing at Coppice Pond, Teapot Dam and on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal two rods may be used subject to the following conditions:
    1. A Carp permit – covering these waters is obtained from the Club Secretary. Send payment of £6 together with your Yearbook and S.A.E. (Cheques and P.O.s should be made payable to “Bingley Angling Club”. Please do not send cash through the post) – Permits can be obtained online – but ONLY at the same time as an online yearbook purchase
    2. Rods to be no more than 3’ apart in one swim.
    3. No keep nets allowed.
    4. No hooks smaller than size 8 or line of less than 12lb breaking strain to be used.
    5. Both rods must be used for Carp fishing.
    6. Un-hooking mats must be used.
    7. No Fixed Leads
    8. Watchers have the right to examine rigs.

– there always seems to be some confusion between members regarding this rule – this means that BOTH rods are to be used solely for the purpose of Carp fishing – in other words / for example – having one rod float/feeder for tench / silvers and one out for Carp is NOT permitted

15. Members must produce their Members’ Cards and/or EA Rod Licence when challenged by a watcher, other member, owner or occupier of land or his servant.

16. No night fishing. No camping is allowed on any of our waters. No access to waters before 4.45am or after 10.15pm. Fishing is allowed from 5am to 10pm only. Time allowed for tackling up/down is 15 minutes max.

Night fishing is Only permitted on Certain Waters – at the time of writing Coppice Pond and is subject to a member being part of the Carp Syndicate and in possession of a Carp Permit – The Carp Syndicate is limited membership and an additional cost – please see the Carp Syndicate Section on this website

17. In all Club waters, Trout limit bag as stated. Juniors, etc. limit is one Trout. Minimum takeable size is as detailed. No angler, having caught the limit can transfer fish to others.

  • ALL MEMBERS – Limit of one fish per day
  • Minimum Takeable size 12″
  • Please support the clubs catch and release policy

18. No coarse fish to be removed from Club waters except Pike of under 5lbs and Minnows. No fish of any type to be removed from the canal.

19. No spinning is allowed on any enclosed water

20. That no digging for bait is allowed on the banks of Club waters.

21. That lines must be removed from the water if tackle is to be left unattended.

22. Any member found guilty of depositing litter will be expelled.

23. No sweetcorn or meat tins are allowed on any Club Water.

Please ensure that you bring such baits in an acceptable container – e.g. a bait box prior to fishing

24. In issuing first day permits for any waters priority will be given to attenders at working parties.

25. That all Club trophy winners,to hold the trophy for the year and return their trophies to the Match Secretary before the next AGM.

26. NO FIRES or BARBECUES allowed on any water. Members may use a small stove with a controlled flame only.

27. Any amendments the above rules, or to the constitution of the Club, can only be considered at the Annual General Meeting. Proposals must be from a club member, seconded by a further club member and submitted in writing to the General Secretary, to be received four weeks prior to this meeting.