Club Matches

 All bookings and enquiries should be made to the Match Secretary, Adrian P Newman
07783 332705.

With the exception of the Christmas cheer match, all matches are open to non members.

Additional matches may be held on other dates throughout the year. These will be publicised in the Angling Lines section of the Telegraph & Argus as well as this web page. 

Venues may vary subject to conditions.


  1. Each angler must be in possession of an EA rod licence.
  2. Each angler is allowed one draw only.
  3. Competitors must position themselves within one yard either side of their peg, to fish half a peg length either side on still water and a peg length downstream on running water.
  4. Prior to the start of a match competitors may mix groundbait, plumb the depth and position keep nets, but must not break the water in any other manner.
  5. All matches to start and end with the call of “Time”. The duration of the match, to be left to the discretion of the Match Committee.
  6. Only one rod, line and hook to be used at any one time. Other rods may be assembled, if displayed behind the competitor. Double and treble hooks are banned.
  7. All baits are permitted except artificials of any kind. Spinning is prohibited.
  8. Re-hooking for pike is not allowed. No fish, alive or dead, to be brought to matches.
  9. Anglers must not leave their pegs without first withdrawing their rod and line from the water.
  10. All fish are eligible to be weighed except: gamefish, sticklebacks and shellfish.
  11. All fish to be carefully returned to the water alive.
  12. Keepnets to be a minimum of 8′ x 15″
  13. All rules are subject to local regulations on the water being fished and any necessary changes will be announced prior to the start of the match. The current list of ex N.F.A. match rules will be applied to any complaint or matter which is not covered by the printed club rules.
  14. Match bookings are only accepted for one match at a time. Anyone cancelling a booking later than the Friday prior to the match will be liable to the cost of the coach and ticket and will have no further bookings accepted until this is paid.
  15. In order to fish the Christmas Cheer match non-members must have fished at least four of the clubs matches in the current year.
  16. Any angler breaking these rules is liable to disqualification.
  17. The Match Committee will deal with any complaints and their decision is final.