Matches 2014


Sunday April 27th Leeds /Liverpool Canal

1: R. Grainger 4lb 2oz

2: J. Storey 3lb 2oz

3: I. Ward 2lb 4oz


Sunday May 18th Eldwick Compensation Reservoir

1: A. Healey 11lb 9oz

2: A. Greenwood 4lb 10oz

3: C. Dine 2lb 5oz


Sunday June 15th Coppice Pond

1: J. Clarke 17lb 6oz

2: C. Gallagher 10lb 8oz

3: I. Needs 10lb 4oz


Sunday July 20th Sunnydale Reservoir

1: A. Greenwood 16lb 4oz

2: B. Leonard 2lb 13oz

3: I. Needs 2lb 2oz


Sunday Aug 17th River Aire – Myrtle Park

1: J. Clarke 7lb

2: A. Greenwood 6lb 14oz

3: I. Needs 5lb 6oz


Sunday September 7th River Aire – Myrtle Park

1: N. Chuck 5lb 10oz

2: B. Leonard 5lb

3: I. Ward 4lb 8oz


Sunday Sept 21st River Aire – Myrtle Park

1: A. Greenwood 14lb 4oz

2: B. Leonard 10lb 8oz

3: J. Clarke 8lb 4oz


Sunday October 12th Leeds /Liverpool Canal

1: I. Ward 1lb 5.5oz

2: I. Needs 1lb 5oz

3: J. Parker 1lb 1oz


Sunday November 2nd Eldwick Compensation Reservoir

1: J. Clarke 8lb 10oz

2: I. Needs 6lb 6oz

3: I. Ward 5lb 12oz


Date and Venue for Christmas Cheer match To Be Announced.