Specimen Fish Competition

Bruce Howard Specimen Fish Trophy

Entries are invited to our annual Specimen Fish competition.
Any fish caught by a club member from a Bingley AC water between October 1st of the preceding year and September 30th of the current year will be considered.

The trophy will be presented annually at the October AGM and Prize Presentation, and the winner will retain the trophy until the following October.

The competition includes both coarse and game fish caught on rod and line from a club water using a permitted method.

The winning specimen will not necessarily be the largest fish caught during the year, but will be judged on its weight in proportion to the National Record for the species, as well as its weight in proportion to known specimens from the water in which it was captured.

Entries will be judged by an independent group of Committee members, and the final decision will be made by the Club President in the first instance.

All submissions must be made on an official entry form (please click Specimen-Fish-application-form to download a printable form), and sent with supporting photograph/s and any other information you feel is relevant to the Club Secretary to arrive no later than 1st October. Paper versions of the form are available from the Secretary by post (please send an SAE for return).

Entries must include at least 1 photograph of the fish, its weight and dimensions and independent verification from a witness present at the scene of capture. Photographs provided may be used in future publicity at the discretion of the Club.

Members may make any number of submissions provided that each submission is for a different species of fish. An entry for a larger specimen of the same species will replace the earlier submission.

Many Bingley waters contain specimen fish, examples reported include:

  • A 3lb 8oz Perch weighed in a club match at Wray Wood in September,
  • Coppice Pond has produced Tench in excess of 6lbs and a 27lb Mirror Carp
  • An angler has reported catching Roach to 1lb 8oz at Teapot Dam.

Previous Winners

2019 – Francis Dine – 7lb 8oz Barbel – River Wharfe – Ledger – Fish boilies
2018 –
Tony Greenwood – 2lb 11oz Perch – Sunnydale Reservoir – Waggler – Worm
2016 –
Carl Chadwick – 7lb 12oz Common Bream – River Aire – Stick float – Caster
2015 –
Charlie Dine – 5lb 2oz Chub, River Aire, Bingley – Stick float
2014 –
Paul Kitching – 10lb 3oz Common Carp, Coppice Pond. – Waggler

Tight lines to all our members, we look forward to receiving your entry forms and pictures.