2020 Yearbooks

Bingley Angling Club 2020 Yearbooks

2020 Yearbooks will soon be with us from the printers. As soon as they arrive they will be distributed and available from our agents and online shop. If you order your yearbook online and wish to fish before your book arrives, remember to print out your Paypal receipt email and carry it with you as proof of purchase. Membership runs for a calendar year – ALL memberships expire on 31st December of the year printed on the Yearbook cover

Wray Wood Car Park

Working on a fix for Wray Wood Car Park

WORKING ON A FIX!   We are aware that there are currently issues with the car park surface at Wray Wood.   We are working on a solution as soon as possible.   DO NOT enter the car park unless you can be 100% sure that you can exit the car park.

Poaching and Illicit Activity

Angling Trust Illegal fishing information

Suspect poaching or other illicit activity? If YOU see someone is fishing illegally or killing and taking fish YOU need to report it. It’s YOUR fish that they are stealing. Its no good moaning about it on Facebook. If it’s a crime in progress DIAL 999  If YOU don’t do it who will? We need every incident to be reported, its the only way that we can get anything done about it. IF IT’S NOT REPORTED – IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! The other option is to report online at https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/report-it This is usually much quicker than calling 101 and you should Continue reading Poaching and Illicit Activity

Fishing times

Please remember, the hours of access to fisheries are agreed with the landowners, fishing outside of these times could jeopardise the fishing rights for ALL club members. Most of our waters allow fishing from 05:00hrs to 22:00hrs with a 15 minute allowance for tackling up. Some waters have a more restricted access, please check the club rules for each water before fishing. Your yearbook and the club website have details for each fishery.

Coppice Pond Closure

Coppice Pond

Coppice pond will be closed to pleasure anglers on the morning of Sunday 23rd June whilst a match is in progress. All members welcome to fish after the match has ended, approximately 2 to 3 pm. If you would like to fish the match contact Adi Newman on 07783 332705.