Monster Canal Carp Snared

Michael Nuttall had a whopping Common Carp esitmated at 25lb from a Bingley Canal Stretch this week.
He had previously caught the carp 3 years ago when its weight was 22lb.

The carp was caught on a Bingley Canal Stretch – in Michael’s own words:

” I was fishing on pole that day. I had bagged  4 nice bream all around the 4 lb Mark and noticed carp moving around on the far bank so I set up a carp rod but only used a plummet as lead as I thought my bigger leads would spook them .

I used a 4 ft hook length with a size 8 hook and baited it with a dog biscuit – with  a slither of cork on a hair rig. When the  bream action died off I put pole down a saw  carp in the swim.

 The were moving in on loose feed I had been putting in for them and I just put my offerings tight up to the trees and it was in the water no longer than 30 seconds when the carp took the bait.

 I managed to land my old friend after a 15 min battle to the cheer of about 7 people that had  stopped to watch the action!”

Well done mate – and it proves that there are some cracking fish in our local canal.

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  1. I caught the same carp a few years back at 22 pound in early July in the same stretch ! Nice to see its still alive and growing

  2. nice fish iv just had a 19lb 8oz mirror out the chesterfield canal had this fish on a size 8 nailer 10mm white pop up little pva bag the rewards or their on canals in winter

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