Flood defence by Tree Felling on River Aire

Tree felling to reduce flooding on River Aire

Also see discussion on the clubs Facebook page here. Go to full article to follow links to Facebook and Yorkshire post.

Message from Jonny Grey WIld Trout Trust

Hi Guys, this is the email I have been bleating about tonight on various phones etc.

Please can you get your respective clubs committees and galvanize as many members as possible to write to the EA via enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk (or tweet @envagencyyne, or both!) and ask why no clubs with fishing rights were consulted, what measures have been taken to ensure instream / aquatic habitat is not being destroyed. Please also inquire as to what is going to be done to compensate for the removal of all this valuable already scarce habitat. All well and good being environmentally sensitive for bats!

We need a groundswell of numbers on this one and asap so please spread the word – they’ve been canny to release the story on a Friday before they intend to start.

I was given a heads up and I am supposed to be being given chance to discuss mitigation with them, but we’ll see! In haste