PLEASE NOTE – There is a new fence at the top of the length marking the boundary, It is to the downstream side of the bridge across to Flint Mill. The fence cuts across the field and meets up with the bottom end of the concrete and stone wall which runs down from the weir.
Where this fence meets the wall is the UPPER LIMIT for fishing on a Bingley Angling Club book. No fishing is allowed upstream of this point
The strip of the wall and grass between the fence and the bridge is PRIVATE LAND!

Members MUST NOT cross or interfere with this fence line.
If you damage or cross the fence line you may be liable to prosecution for criminal damage and/or trespass.
A new UPPER LIMIT sign will be installed in the near future.
The Club will terminate the membership of any member disregarding this notice.
Remember ignorance of the law is no defence, so please ensure that all other members that you know are fully aware of the above.