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River Aire Bottom Limit

Top Limit - Entry to rugby field.

Park on verge here or in layby just after the buildings.
Then walk down the track to the reservoir.
DO NOT PARK at the top of the track as it in regular use.

Take care not to damage gate or walls when entering the fishery.

Park on Holme House Lane, (the cobbled road) allowing room for other vehicles to pass.
Turn left onto the main road, walk up towards the bend.
Pass through the small gap in the wall to your right and follow the path over the beck and up to the fishery.

1D Atkinson Street Shipley, West Yorkshire BD18 3QS, UK
01274 595574

Otley Road, East Morton, West Yorkshire, UK

Knaresborough, North Yorkshire HG5, UK

Keighley, West Yorkshire BD20, UK


Park on Holme House Lane, (the cobbled road) allowing room for other vehicles to pass.
Turn left onto the main road, walk up towards the bend.
Pass through the small gap in the wall to your right and follow the path over the beck to the fishery.

Fishery starts at the footbridge and continues upstream for about 1/3rd of a mile.

Bingley, West Yorkshire, UK

River Aire, Bingley Gasworks length, lower limit.

Harden, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16, UK

Bingley, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16, UK

Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG3, UK

Boston Spa, West Yorkshire LS23, UK

Keighley, West Yorkshire BD20, UK

Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 1WA, UK

A - Upper Limit

B - Lower Limit - Beck end

Cross the bridge. Fishing is from the bridge upstream for approximately 100m

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  1. Hi

    I have just read the report of the 7 1/2lb trout caught on the Aire well done Brenndan. I also fish the Aire further upstream near Skipton & also have had a similar sized Brown trout whilst dead baiting for Pike in January the fish took a 6″ hearing on the drop.

    Again well done these fish will be talked about for many years to come.


  2. knew this was a load of bull about being netted! and am glad its been cleared up! cos i was sick of hearing about it! i myself have had 15 carp this year and over 80 tench to.
    its a grait place that just requires a bit of paitience and good swim choice, i would sugest sweetcorn or sweet falvoured boilles with somekind of feeder on! one of the best days i had up there was in erly march this year, fishing the swim next to the stone hut, were i had 10 tench in a morning session, on one feeder rod! sweetcorn all the way!! happy days. jodie.

  3. Yeah , I have had some very good days up there earlier in the year (I mostly fish rivers in the open season) – on three or four occasions I have 25+ Tench in one sitting – and regularly over 10 – this was right upto July AFTER the rumour started. On Sunny days you can see dozens and dozens of carp cruising around in the shallows.

    I think this rumour may have been started by someone who needs to go back to ‘fishing school’ – and we have a good idea who you are 😉

  4. Not to mention all the Carp that i see on a very regular basis launching themslves 2-3 foot out of the water – as if to say “can’t catch me son!”

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  6. [quote]chris i didnt know you had ever caught a tench never mind 25 ,come to think of it ive never seen you catch owt.[/quote]

    Well Mr ‘Nudd’ – i think if you peruse the gallery – the pictures speak for themselves – unless of course – that flat cap is obscuring your view!

  7. Some people have asked why we are closing the water before the match – the answer is quite straight forward, – as this is a match we dont want any pegs pre-baited or fish that have already been caught that day – that dont feel like feeding. This will then make the match more fair. Simples!

  8. Whats left of them??????? Coppice is rammed full of fish.
    When we refer to the bog end we are talking about the Wooden Fish Statue and the area around the duck feeding platform which some noddys have been fishing from recently and we have had complaints. This does NOT mean the shallow end pegs.
    The Bog end is what it says on the proverbial tin – the very far end where the – er – bog is. There are plenty of other pegs in the shallows.
    As for your comment about the fish – please refer to this post where i think we made it as clear as possible about the supposed ‘netting’ of the lake which is a complete load of rubbish made up by some anglers who clearly need to improve their fishing skills. 🙂

  9. First of all I have to laugh at the above comment! Lets get this straight. For some ridiculous reason you cannot fish the bog end (the same area where 1. You aint causing ANY obstruction to pedestrians 2. You actually get some space to yourself other than dogs peeing on your holdall and eating your bait… oh and snotty nosed children standing on your pole snapping it into two pieces as has happened to my friend recently whilst trying to look into his net and 3. Its probably the only chance of hooking a carp as proved over my last umpteen visits.
    You have a trip around the lake recently and ask the anglers how they are doing and you will be met by the same old comments…’poor’ or ‘somethings amiss here all of a sudden’…so it is a common problem with Coppice. Its about time the PAYING anglers have some say over the randoms letting their dogs dive into the ever decreasing fish ‘stocked’ pond. Talk about moving the goalposts mid game.

  10. You cannot fish in the Bog End – END OF! Anglers caught fishing the Bog End will be asked to move or maybe asked to leave the pond and may have their books taken off them if caught repeatedly. May i state – the Bog end in the Part where the wooden fish is and the duck feeding platform. It was discussed at Committee last week and notices put in the paper and on the website.
    Yes we are paying anglers – but in the end the rules are there for a reason and members found breaking the rules are subject to disciplinary action.
    The site of the bog end is an SSI (Site of Scientific Interest) as is Coppice itself – we as a club do not have sole rights to that water for our angling pleasures – and although i do agree with kids being a problem on occasion – may i take this oppertunity to remind everyone that the water is actually owned by Bradford Council and we have the Fishing rights. Its about creating a balance – and unfortunatley the pond is NOT exclusive to Bingley Angling Club. Although I must admit personally it would be nice if it was 🙂
    As for the comments about there being no fish – perhaps you can explain then how i personally managed to bag 30 Tench, a 15lb Common and 3 Large Bream on my last trip a few weeks ago????
    as well as all the other reports coming in weekly. We all have bad days – but blaming the water is just riduculous – you can fish a heavilly stocked commercial on some days and get bugger all – doesn’t mean there are no fish in there though!

  11. The shallow end at Coppice is restricted for angling for a variety of reasons. The areas is a SEGI -(Site of Ecological and Geological Interest). Fishing is not allowed from this area – but the area can be fished from the opposite sides. we were specifically asked by the EA not to increase the number of Angling Pegs on the Pond for this reason.
    Wading in this area can damage delectate flora and have impact on other species living in that area.
    Fishing on Coppice is allowed from permanent locations only as stated in Page 8 of the yearbook.
    if you realy want to discuss this issue then maybe you would want to attend the AGM in November and bring it up then , you may also like to attend the endless number of meetings with Bradford Council and the EA etc where you can bring your points across.
    We try to, as Chris rightly said, create a balance between members of the public and Anglers and although we control the fishing at Coppice we do not have sole rights to the lake for our own use.

  12. [quote]Its about time the PAYING anglers have some say over the randoms letting their dogs dive [/quote]
    There are many signs around the pond stating dogs are not allowed in the water – so they are NOT actually allowed in the water. When i am bailiffing i ALWAYS pull people up on this if i see people chucking their dogs in. The signs state – “Dogs must be kept under control AND not allowed in the water…….”

  13. Thanks for the replies gentlemen, although there are still questions unanswered from my point of view.
    I really appreciate the issue with the flora and supprt this whoeheartdley however why are there no signs up around the bog area and jetty to say fishing is prohibited? The protected area to the left as you walk around the lake is walled off…why not fence off this area properly if it is a ‘no go area’?.
    Has the flora (over the last 2-3 weeks) just started flourishing or has it been ever present since the pond had its regeneration (years ago)? Or has it been since fishermen have been reported fishing from this particular bank? Personally I believe the latter.
    As you mention above, there is suggestion in the yearbook on page 8 about pegs at Coppice pond being ‘permanent locations’…what exactly is a ‘permanent location’?
    There must of been at least a dozen instances in one fishing session where dogs were leaping into the water following objects thrown into the water by their owners, not to mention onto the forbidden bank in question causing more damage to the flora than any fishing box would.
    I pay my money for a yearbook so I feel I am entitled to voice my opinion and hopefully have any queries answered in a constructive manner and not have my comments deleted.
    Thank you.

  14. I think i have spent quite enoght time writing replies and we have explained the situation. Please bring any other questions up at the AGM in November. And yes – i can and will delete any comments i feel like thank you….

  15. can i also point out that you pay your yearbook for the access to our waters – not for personal guidance, hand holding, flaunting the rules and asking upteen questions that I & Ian have to keep answering. And can i also point out that the officials and comitte are all non-paid – so in a word we do not ‘have’ to do anything to answer if we dont feel like it. Ive entertained this converstaion so far and explained as best as i can – further discussion can be raised at the AGM. We pay for our books as well you know!!!

  16. Coppice pond must be one of the best natural tench waters in Yorkshire.
    The club & friends of St Ives want to keep it as natural as possible
    not fence it all of & cover it with signs!
    We cannot control the public or have sole rights to coppice pond,but we do have rules that club members have to abide by flaunting, these rules because you dont like them is just as bad as dog walkers not controling there dogs or parents not controling there children. In a perfect world
    it would be a fish a cast no dogs, no kids, no wind, no rain.
    Pease abide by the rules if you dont like them or want to change them attend the agm or better still join the commitee & see what it takes to run an angling club & find out why these rules are in place.

  17. OK, I rest my case. The reason I will not attend the AGM is because of this reason alone. People expressing their opinions with questions that you cannot answer irrespect of whether its a paid position or not, are not permitted…therefore I’m certain I would get no where at the meeting.
    Im not sure where you get hand holding from to be honest, flaunting the rules and guidance? You’ve lost me on that one. Anyway, as Ive been told I wont delve any further.
    Im afraid B.A.C has lost at least 4 members for next year that I know about.
    I know you will delete this post but at least I’ve had my input whether its going against the ‘comittee’ or not.
    Thank you.

  18. The Committee is made up of dedicated members that strive to make the club a better union for all anglers in membership of Bingley AC – we are all individuals – unpaid – and elected in due course by our peers – on the understanding that we give valuable input and commitment to the club and its other members as a whole.
    Anyone can become a Committee Member if deemed to be value to the club – so the notion that we walk around with ‘horse blinkers on’ and ‘not listen to the members’ is not true in the slightest. A Committee member or an Official at the end of the day is just another member that has enough passion for the thing that they are a part of to devote their time to on a regular basis. We have to be aware of what members want – but at the same time enforce the rules laid out to protect our members and the environment. If your feel that bothered about matters that concern you – you are foolish not to come to the AGM. Theres quality Pie & Peas on offer as well.
    As for me – I created this site and manage it – it is not a forum – but a website and a representation of our club. If i deem a comment to be unsuitable – it does not get ‘deleted’ – it doesn’t get ‘approved’ and I alone make that decision on the fly. A forum will be available soon and you can discuss what you like – within reason.

    This is OUR website and I and the rest of the Committee will decide what goes on here or doesn’t. I think you are confusing a Blog with a Forum…..
    And you will find that i didnt delete the post…. im just sick of having to answer the flurry of emails every few hours when i have already explained to you what ‘time it is’ …

  19. TO QUOTE “Has the flora (over the last 2-3 weeks) just started flourishing or has it been ever present since the pond had its regeneration (years ago)? Or has it been since fishermen have been reported fishing from this particular bank? Personally I believe the latter.”
    Err- all the work that has been carried out this year you mean – the tens of thousands of pounds spent on improvements to the bankside and planting etc… – oh yeah – that work!!!!

  20. There was nothing incriminating in my post that you refused to post. If you look back at the original post on this subject I would find the terms ‘noddy’ used to describe members more inappropriate to be honest.
    If your sick of replying to questions then why have a forum or blog or whatever you would like to call it in the first place??
    And yeah as you put it…the work that has ruined the pond by cutting the island too far back, getting rid of the lilys that were great to fish upto at one time etc etc.
    And Charlie, if you want to keep the pond as natural as possible and not cover it signs…whats the huge fish coming out of the water then??!

  21. I’m an avid fisherman of coppice pond, having first fished it over 20 years ago. Back then, the fishing was quality, with a very large head of Silvers, including quality Roach to a pound and a half and lots of them, as well as Skimmers and smaller Tench etc etc. The Carp were quite big back then but not as elusive as nowadays. Many anglers were on the “Night Fishing” scene then too, in fact was hard to get a good peg on Friday evenings etc for the Bivvi Boyz. Nowadays tho, the Silver populations have declined to practically nothing, compared to their former glory, and if using small baits like maggot now, all u get is 2 inch long perch.
    Whereas I am not saying that this has been netted for such, or same going for the once Very large head of Carp, but if you fish here, and are honest with yourself, then you HAVE to admit , its a cold but shameful fact.In the warmer months, its a good heaven for Tench agreed, with good specimens coming out, but this is about it. The night Syndicate is empty, or just about, which says a lot, and I dont believe that the anglers have moved on to catch bigger fish and this being the reason for the Anglers decline.
    This water is a beautiful venue, scenic and quiet “in the very early morning” and COULD live up to it’s name as the Flagship water of B A C if it was stocked vastly.
    The reason i reckon for anglers fishing the bottom area, is to “follow the fish”, this is where the majority of Carp hang out, in the shallows, specially in the warmer months, and reflects the difficulty of catching a decent fish these days. this isn’t down to (as you eliquently put it) the anglers lack of skill, I have been fishing over 35 years and I think I know my stuff by now.
    As for dog walkers, bike riders, joggers, duck feeders,and family outers and tourists, well they have a right to be there too, but it seems we as “paying guests” have more rules to follow than them. 9 times out of 10 dogs are on the bank or the owner is playing fetch the stick out of the water with the dog. The duck feeders feed the ducks NEXT to your peg, and then wonder why REX has got 2 size 12 hooks in his paws. The work on the banksides is fantastic and kudos to the guys who did it. Now all it needs is someone walking round and picking up the Dogs mess, because the owners just DONT do it. The place stinks of Dog ****. you see it everywhere. I know this isnt the B A C’s fault, but surely you carry a modicum of weight with the council? this has to be addressed. Way back when, the paths didn’t go around the whole lake and we could get away from that, but not now ofc.I can see the “noddy’s” point of view and I agree with a lot of his views, and I think in reality, a lot of views will be a lot similar 🙁
    ~I agree something has to be done, but reading carefully though these posts BEFORE i posted, Noddy still didn’t get a clear answer to his questions?, so you can understand his distant attitude to airing his view at the AGM.
    Thanks for reading (if you in fact do). The main Q i had there was restocking…what chances are there of making this a respected and prolific venue again?

    • The ‘BOG END’ DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE ENTIRE SHALLOWS ARE OUT OF BOUNDS – only – and I repeat – only the very far end marked in the map i put on this post.
      You are not allowed to fish from the Duck Feeding Platform – or the small areas around there – clearly marked on this website.

      You can still cast out to that area from other pegs adjacent – you are just not allowed to fish from that area – THERE ARE NO PERMANENT PEGS THERE – and the Duck Feeding platform was constructed to keep the duck feeders away from the fishing pegs round the rest of the lake. The feeding of ducks is ONLY permitted from that area.

      On a final note i find it amazing that somebody would even want to – or even consider fishing in an area where everyone comes with their children to feed the ducks anyway – having upteen waterfoul going over my line and loads of screaming kids behind me is not my idea of fun.

      The platform is there for a reason – to keep the public down that area when feeding ducks -away from the fishing pegs and for their own safety.

      Some of the comments made on this post are a bit beyond me – we have a similar rule in place at Larkfield tarn – there is the top area of the lake where fishing is not allowed – yet you can see dozens of Carp shoaled up there on warm days – you can’t fish that area though – and thats that.


      Coppice is full of fish – you just have to know how to catch them.

      • And on a very final note – to those who think there are no fish in coppice – please see this gallery below – nearly all these pics were taken this year 9with the exception of one or 2 from last year) – most of these were taken by myself when i happend to have a camera handy – these pics only account for a VERY small portion of the fish caught in 2010!

        The Gallery has now been posted in the main body of this post.

  22. To clear up the fishing from the BANKSIDE – Paul Kitching Wishes to add:
    “fishing is from the permanent locations only, these’s are easily identifiable as there will be a stone platform in the waters edge or as in the case of 4 pegs where fishing is from the pathside, if you are unsure or in any doubt please ask other members that may be fishing or feel free to ring any club official for guidance”

  23. @iamthenoddy – cutting the island – this was done by Bradford Council – NOT the club – as i explained the Council owns the water and they cut the Island Back – not BAC….

    Also, getting rid of the lillys – the lillys were decimated by the Canada Geese – and nothing to do with either the council OR BAC – the Canada Geese have been a problem for the last few years on that water as well as other waters around the area owned by other clubs.

    We have also just spent several thousand pounds improving the banksides and planting Flag Irises in the margins – to combat erosion caused mainly by Cananda Geese. The Irises in question are a specific type that Cananda Geese do not eat. They do – however eat lillys and that is what has happened there – MUCH to our annoyance.
    There are measeures in place to control the geese – but this HAS to be done by the council and we cannot do it. It is also an ongoing battle with these ‘birds’

    Refused to post? I have to approve a post In the first place – and if i feel that a question has already been answered in full then i may simply not approve it to appear on the website. Its as simple as that really. We try and answer all questions we get – but we have to draw the line somewhere as i cant spend all day replying to questions that have already been explained.

    As for your comment to Charlie – i think thats just getting silly now – the fish in the water is a feature (Wooden Sculpture) put there by the council (as well as the sculpture of the Heron on the island) – i suppose you will have the same problem with the wooden statues all over Otley Chevin then?????

  24. @gen – the water IS a prolific venue – but it is also a warm weather venue – and never has been a winter venue.
    It fishes very well all spring, summer and autumn – if fished correctly.
    There is a huge head of carp and tench in there and they come out on a regular basis. The tench are breeding well with many many small (young) tench coming out showing that their numbers are on the increase.
    The roach have thinned out – which is a shame- i would personally like to see restocking with roach and bream – this is up for discussion at the AGM.

    Night Syndicate – this has now been re-opened and is taking applications for 2011 – it is also expected to be full next year.

    I am also putting a motion forward for the 2nd rod permit to be changed – so anglers can fish with 2 rods (one for Carp , One for other species – or either (float, ledger) – to be in line with the rest of the clubs – this will be raised at the AGM and the only way to get this passed is for members who wish this changing to be at the AGM and vote for it. More details on this will be posted soon.

    The water does not need stocking vastly and never will be – this is NOT A COMMERCIAL – but one of the very few ‘natural’ venues in the area where fishing is not like shooting ducks in a barrel. If you want a pastie a chuck – then there are lots of commercial ‘puddles’ round the area where you can do that. Fishing should be a ‘challenge’ and also be rewarding.

    Dogs and Dog Walkers: There are signs that tell dog owners to keep their dogs under control and they are not allowed in the water
    The club appointed baliffs will pull anyone up breaking these guidelines – personally i dont mind dogs having a drink or a cool down paddle in the sides – but when you get people throwing sticks in for them – this is NOT ALLOWED.
    The same is for dog s**t – do what i do – you see somebody letting their dog foul – kindly ask them to clean it up! It is also a ‘Clean it up Zone’ and the owners can be fined for leaving dog mess.

  25. After consideration , im leaving the comments open for a few more days for other members to have their say on this matter – it doesnt mean dozens of more questions from the same authors though – so dont be offended if i dont approve some posts – or answer them – im wanting other peoples input on this.

  26. i dont know if its true but i have heard there maybe a handfull of catfish in coppice, if this is true this could be the ancwer to the disapearance of the silverfish. i know none have been caught recently but a couple of small ones were caught ten years since. sounds far fetched well would explain alot.

  27. @bob nudd – i have heard something on those lines but i think its untrue. If there was then i think one would have been caught by now and we would not have nearly as many young tench. If anyone does indeed catch what they think to be a catfish – please could you retain the fish and call an official. The chances are very slim indeed of course and the initial reports of years ago are ‘urban legends’ until proved otherwise. 🙂

  28. Oh one other thing to report – Paul Kitching and Ian Ward fished Coppice this week and had a number of roach and tench – im awaiting the full report.

  29. I know Coppice isn’t a commercial, nor do I wish it to be, but I would like to catch 1 or 2 Roach in between the 10,000 2″ Perch that inhabit it.
    You may get the odd roach and maybe even the odd skimmer, but thats about it if your honest.
    I used the word “vastly” in an earlier post loosley of course, but Coppice is a large expanse of water, and a quite large stocking would be needed to have good effect.
    Not all book waters have to be rock hard to fish do they? When for example you can go to Roberts pond in Keighley, and catch lots of skimmers Roach the odd carp etc. then compare the Beauty of Coppice against Roberts ponds hole in the ground, there’s no comparison is there?, but as a Flagship venue for BAC you would expect a lot more out of it. Stocking needs to be done end of to bring it up to it’s glorious past prowess. Not a 1 a chuck venue, maybe a good few a session.
    The large sum spent on the pathways benefit the walkers and tourists more than the angler, as we always got around the lake with little problem, this could have been sunk into a restocking programme?. Please don’t get me wrong and go on the defensive, I am NOT saying how to spend the clubs money, just expressing an opinion as to how I would have spent it, and as a paying member for many years, I am entitled to my opinion.
    So come on BAC, get a restocking plan together for Numero Uno water.

    • The money spent was spent on the eroding banksides, drainage etc… – The pathways were Bradford Council — that was Bradford Council who did that bit. I have said this time and time again – but for the benefit of others reading this – Coppice Pond is actually owned by Bradford Council BAC have the FISHING RIGHTS– we have input in where money is spent – but cant just say – ‘well sod all the work that needs doing to stop the venue crumbling to bits , and nevr mind about the drainage – we’ll just have some more fish instead’.

      The money allocated was not for the sole use of the club – but to improve the Pond as a whole – and a job that i think has been very well done. We did not spend our club funds on this. So lets set the record straight on that please.

      On another note – the pathway improvements DO make the venue more accessable for disabled anglers which i also think is important.

      We do the restocking – the money that was spent was to improve the pond for erosion, drainage and put more features in. Bradford Council, im afarid, will not stump up cash to throw a few more silvers in there.

      I am all for restocking the pond – but we took the decision not to this year as a: the fish are plentyful and b: not to upset (for the moment) the natuaral balance and competition for the fish already present.

      Matters arising for the proposal of restocking will be dealt with at the AGM – but if members are not going to come and voice their opinion – then the chances are that there will be no restocking next year – as it will simply go to a vote – and if the same members vote this year as the ones that did last year – then the outcome will be the same.
      Again – as i have said on numerous occasions – the AGM is the place to discuss matters such as this and is open to all members.

      The subject of this post is not to discuss Coppice as a whole – but to make ALL members aware of the restrictions inplace. Should you have further questions about other matters such as these – please email us. Further ‘off topic’ qestions will not be posted in this section.

      Im not saying we won’t answer them – but i have spent several hours today out of my working day replying to posts etc, and getting new features on the site and i think everything about this topic should be very clear.

  30. Dont forget, using a third rod incurs the purchase of a further Rod and Line license. Wether the club allow it or not, 2 rods are only allowed per 1 NRA license.
    Just a heads up to those that don’t know. So if you use 3 rods then you need 2 current NRA Rod and Line tickets. Currently £27.00 each.

  31. after reading everybodys comments on here and bearing in mind the time and effort admin has taken in replying to everybodys comments, i think it would only be right if those anglers tapping there keyboard at home should all attend there AGM and voice there opinions there. if you want something doing about restocking at coppice then lets all turn up and say something in person come on boys ile be there. maybe if we all turn up they will have to restock coppice.

  32. This post in reply to the Quote at te top of this topic.
    Coppice DOES fish well for carp ( now n then ) and quite good for tench for 3 months with the warmer weather. but as for the pics at the top Not a silver in sight.

    • Thats because its not really a sliver water at the moment – there are silvers in there – but not as many these days – well hopefully if we get some support at the AGM then we might look to stock some more in there.

      Admittidley – more silvers would be a good thing – but we have many other winter waters as well. Ofcourse then there is the argument from the Carpers who say they want more Carp – so as i have previously said – the AGM is the place to raise these matters. The website is only here to provide information and news / updates to our members and to act as a portal for non-members interested in joining the club.

      Plus the fact that the pictures you have commented on – most of them were taken by myself – and i never really target silvers on Coppice as i mostly fish with pellets as do the other anglers in the pictures.

      In the winter myself – and other members of the committee tend to fish the rivers more – or on occasion canals – and target silvers on there.

  33. No,I dont have a problem with the statues at Otley Chevin at all,I walk there a lot and enjoy looking for them with my son. I was indeed referring to Charlies post about covering the place with signs and keeping the place as natural as possible.
    Do you know, being in BAC used to be a real joy. I remember setting my alarm for sill o’clock on the opening day of the season and catching the first bus to the bottom of Morton lane. We used to walk all the way upto Settler Dam and Sunnydale with all our tackle without even thinking about it. Nowadays I wouldnt even drive up there. The simple reason is, like Coppice, Larkfield and some others there not really worth it. Settler and Sunnydale havent been stocked since 06 have they? It is a real shame as the waters have real potential and it seems have died of death.
    On another note, if Coppice does fish that well, why are matches usually planned for aft/evenings?

  34. Ok people lets get things straight,i rejoined the club around 5 months ago and have regularly fished coppice ever since and have yet to blank!I am predominately a carp angler and take my sport very seriously.All you people who say that coppice is a none productive water want to put the effort in to either learn about the water and the way it fishes,or to up your game and not just chuck a float or feeder out and hope for the best,then when you consistently blank blame the water instead of looking at the real reasons.
    At this point i feel it should be known that i have no affiliation to the club apart from being a member.As for fishing at the bog end “WHY” would anyone want to fish there in the first place?From what i have seen it takes its name from what it is “A BOG” if you do see carp in the shallows there and you fancy ago at stalking them there are some great little stalking holes on the archery side of the area,just before the gravel path starts.Another thing is just because the odd carp hang around the staging taking the odd piece of bread does not give you the permission to break the club rules and take a rod on there at the minute chance of a pick up,which you would most likely loose anyway under the staging!
    I myself have no preconceived ideas of where i am going to fish when i arrive,i spend at least an hour walking round the lake looking for signs of fish before i even think about setting up and if half way through the day they are showing somewhere else i will move.This is the reason that in the short time i have rejoined i have landed numerous tench to around 6lb,bream,chub and lots of beautiful common and mirror carp upto 21lb 8oz,i have landed two twenty plus carp within the last two weeks and as i said many others ranging from low doubles to high nineteens,so to say this lake is lacking fish is nothing but ignorant.
    To put things into perspective i was fishing there a few months ago and had just got my swim to start to produce and the fish were gaining confidence when the next thing i know the “angler” opposite cast his rig into the island trees, around ten yards from where i was fishing.Now instead of pulling for a break like any half sensible “angler” would have done he got his friend to strip to his boxers with the public walking around then sent him out to the island to retrieve his tackle and to see if he could find anymore while he was there.No thought for other people who might be fishing or any people full stop.I made sure my feelings were known and proceeded to pack up as they had just destroyed my swim,now i use top quality bait and these two idiots had just cost me about £25 so luckily for them they had gone by the time i got round there.Anyway before any of you decide to knock coppice because your not catching take a long hard look at yourselves before you do the lake

  35. I just wanted to add something else into the mix,being a tree surgeon and doing alot of my work in the Yorkshire Dales i have a great deal of contact with the national trust and the like,in doing so i have a very good understanding of SSSI (site of special scientific interest) areas and coppice pond being one of these we should feel very privileged to have constant access to the lake and its surroundings.The bog being a listed SSSI site means that it must harbour something VERY special be it botanical or pond life,but what people must understand is that if the site becomes damaged in any way the national trust can make things very difficult for everyone and this could even lead to the lake being closed to anglers.Please people respect the rules they are there for serious reasons,not to make things difficult for us anglers.”Even though i think they are perfectly reasonable” its all about understanding in the end.

  36. Can i just point out that during the summer months you may see carp in the shallows however 90 percent of the time they are in there basking and have no interest in feeding even on surface fished baits.In retrospect on such days many carp will seek out the weed beds as during the hot days the weed is extremely rich in oxygen due to the process of photosynthesis,carp are sun worshippers but also need water high in oxygen.This is one of the reasons why they are uninterested in feeding in the shallow water as the lower oxygen levels present make the fish quite lethargic.

  37. Mr Smithson
    I have been carp fishing for over 30 years, have many big carp to my name, both caught on the bottom, and on the top.Many many off the later.Any carp angler worth his salt will tell you the best time to catch with biscuit or bread floaters etc is when they are “basking ” on the surface.
    Obviously you have never stalked any fish in ernest.
    Everyone knows its a hard water to fish with the current stocking level and the given seasonal climate, perch etc and the odd tench now.
    As for insinuating that no one but thyself has the “knowledge” to be a “Matty Hayes” of carp fishing with little or no know how into catching them is a bit demeaning. Myself and another very good 30+ year carp angler have tried many tactics, rigs, baits, including fish finder, bait boats, feature finding, pre baiting over weeks etc, so we know our stuff.
    As for spending 25 quid on bait for a days fishing, im both mortified and aghast, and quite frankly a bit unbelieving. And lastly, regarding Sites of interest and ruining the scenery and special values of the place, the finger there shouldnt be pointed at the Angler, more towards Joe Bloggs visitors.
    Lastly the geezer in the lake retrieving a rig…admittedly pointless,i agree on that point.
    As said on the post above, get to the AGM, ill be there fur sure…

    • I think what Mr Smithson is saying was not aimed at one particular person – so lets take it all with a pinch of salt. i do agree with a lot of what has been said though, but its always going to be ytough fishing what is essentally a Summer stillwater in the colder months. Like i said – i have personally bagged up there on several occasions this year.

  38. In reply to Gen i too have 25 years under my belt and have stalked English carp to 29lb 12oz so i find the comment about my experience in the field upsetting.Stalking is a very important part of our sport and one that is unfortunately over looked too look at when carp take floaters is obviously different to yours i have had fish off the top in all weathers but what i said is true and the best time to catch them off the top is when it is warm but overcast with a ripple on the water in my experience with many top carp anglers in agreement if you don;t belive me do some research. As Admin says my comments were not aimed at any particular angler,I definitely do not see myself as any ” Matty Hayes” figure and was not aiming my comments at experienced anglers but at the types who take rods onto the staging and go for a paddle to retrieve £1.00 worth of tackle.The pieces i wrote were based on my experiences fishing Coppice,and i don’t know why you have taken what i said as a personal attack as this was not the intent at all.As for spending £25 on bait i am a syndicate member and was planing a two day session so i had put more bait in than i would have done for a day session,that said when you look at it i use hemp,pellet,boilie crumb,multimino, and various other ingredients in my spodstick mix and Mainline cell boilies so when you add it all up the price is still quite high even for a day.I don’t think i should apologise for using quality bait and your questioning this and it being beyond your belief makes me think? Surely you know the price of good quality freezer bait ect,Why have thousands of pounds worth of hard earned tackle and use poor quality bait?It does’nt make sense if anything bait is the most important,ask any good match man.I admit my comments on the sssi should have included something about dogs and their owners but why talk to people who will never read this?I just thought that some of the comments were harsh to say the least in this whole argument around the bog end as a lot of the things said do not really concern bog end anyway more the fact that there is a feeling amongst many people that Coppice is under stocked and as i said earlier i have yet to blank so i am talking in the field of my experiences of fishing the place.I do not want any personal arguments with other members over the issue, i am just stating things how i see them,I see people just turn up and chuck out and if that is how they want to fish then fine but they should’nt moan when they don;t catch.That comment as the ones in my previous statements is not aimed at anyone imparticular as i havent got aq clue how people on this site fish nor does anyone know how i do,so why the personal attacks?I will be at the AGM anyway so we will see what happens.

  39. Imthenoddy2
    First of all i’m a mate of imthenoddy,i only joined the club for the first time in July. For years i thought it was coppers (as in police) anyway my fist visit i fished pole on the disabled peg. I had a 12 lb 4 oz common first cast. Second cast i had a 9 lb 10 oz mirror. I then proceeded to catch an albino grass carp and 40 to 50 lovely tench, so arn’t i bloody marvelous.Ithought it was the best fishery i’d ever fished. Any road ive fished it since about seven or eight times but not had so much good fortune,but that’s fishing right.But iv’e had a right laugh at all the bickering and AGM this and Canada Geese and dog mess that.At the end of the day we all persue the same thing we want a good days fishing and enjoy fellow anglers tips and tails.I know you’ll be screaming it’s in your yearbook……sorry but second time i fished Coppice it rained like mad my yearbook got soaked from an open tray on my box,and now it resembles a pale blue richtea biscuit.But when is the AGM….My own particular gripe is that if just one sign had gone up on the entrance gate saying no fishing from feeding station or the bog section, i doubt whether any of this had arisen.Alternatively we, who were indeed in the wrong it seems, had been portrayed as a few individuals instead of NODDY’S in a more professional way,need i say more. Best regards to all who have made the effort to put views forward….Ivan Marks

  40. I do agree with you Ivan better signing stating the reasons why fishing is restricted at bog end would be a great bonus and may help to resolve this matter.Well done on your excellent haul,very impressive and yes i do agree with you this hole thing seems to be getting qite out of hand, mistakes are made and as long as people learn from them then great.I had a similar experience with members bad mouthing each other on a southern syndicate i was fishing a few years ago and in the end most of the members moved on as the atmosphere on the bank became unbearable,it would be a shame to see coppice go the same way.

  41. I was Bored and thought i would look at the site, am i glad i did its the best bit of posting on a web site I have read in ages, THANKS LADS A GREAT WAY TO SPEND AN HOUR ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON.


  42. Rejoined Bingley ac this year,glad to see roach being stocked as these usually feed when the big stuff are playing hard to get, also adding new blood to to stock already in there, a positive move.

  43. I caught the same carp a few years back at 22 pound in early July in the same stretch ! Nice to see its still alive and growing

  44. Ah you see at the last committee meeting there was a Clairvoyant Evening on the same night at the club – maybe a bit of that rubbed off on me.
    Either that or i should have put 22nd May 🙂

  45. Hi i joined the club last year and had a couple of sessions at larkfield tarn but never caught much, any recommended methods,cheers
    [p.s last year some dosy dog ate all my muscles that I was using for bait, there wasn’t a single sign saying anything about controlling dogs but if there was im sure the owners would ‘obey’ the rules]

  46. About a pound of Dace and four Chub, you obviously don’t know Tony or you would already know that they were all caught on the stick. No further info available!

  47. This page says day tickets for the canal are £2.50 (& £1.25 concessions)
    The where to buy page says £3.00 (& £1.50 Concessions)

    Which is right?

  48. How’s the coppice fishing in the winter also does anyone know the tea pot damn for fishing I never see anyone up there plus looking to get year book in new year cheers.

  49. nice fish iv just had a 19lb 8oz mirror out the chesterfield canal had this fish on a size 8 nailer 10mm white pop up little pva bag the rewards or their on canals in winter

  50. As a new angler who is totally hooked on carp fishing excuse the pun but I’m very interested in good groundbait and hook baits and would love the opportunity to try your product and give the feed back and pictures you require and can use it on lots of venues as I fish most weekends and like to fish with the best fish bait I can.

    Many thanks.

    Paul w

  51. I just wanted to know why is it that every time that I comment on an article or send in pictures which you ask for as capture records the comments go to moderation and never get published and it’s the same for the pictures, I thought this site was for all members not just the select few and as a fairly new angler this is no way to encourage new members to get involved.
    I hope this gets read and not just discarded as usual.

    Yours disgruntled.

  52. After reading this post I would love to try this new bait as I am a big believer in using the best bait I can get hold of to give me the best chance I can get to give me that edge that a well developed bait gives you.

    • Hi Paul – soory for the late reply! There wasnt an official weight but approx 7.5lb big hook jaw! I have seen what i think was an even bigger one a year or so ago – but due to diffraction ect it’s difficult to put a figure on it. I would push the boat out and put it into double figures though! The River Aire has some very big natural fish in it now – on all the local Keighley, Bingley & Saltaire lengths. Trout and Grayling are becoming specimen size. I personally have trout in excess of 5lb and Grayling pusing 2lb and above on a regular basis at the said venues. There are not many waters in the country that can claim this – and Im still in disbeleif of what the Aire (as a once “dirty” river is capable of throwing up. Just goes to show that combined efforts over the years have made the Aire a formidable place to fish. The introduction of Barbel is also a great thing , and I am sure we will see the river going from strength to strength over the coming years.

  53. i have been geting barbel of late on the 21st i had 15 barbell .rangeing from 10oz to 1lb harf .iv had them ar 2lb 3lb harf & 6lb 4oz wich wos not veryified or photographed unfortunately .so the barbell are thriving .i had these on saltaire strech fom boat house to baildon cricket club

  54. These are the prices for a UK Rod licence

    Prices for 2014/15 Rod Fishing Licences are valid from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015

    Non-Migratory Trout & Coarse Fish
    Full £27.00
    Senior Concession £18.00
    Disabled Concession £18.00
    Junior Concession £5.00
    8-Day Licence £10.00
    1-Day Licence £3.75

    Salmon & Sea Trout
    Full £72.00
    Senior Concession £48.00
    Disabled Concession £48.00
    Junior Concession £5.00
    8-Day Licence £23.00
    1-Day Licence £8.00

  55. been up and had a look at settler dam looks like it could be a good spot but whats with all the pond weed needs sorting out its bad. Also been up to goose eye tea pot dam that’s a really nice dam just a shame the fish don’t want anything you feed them seem very jumpy and scared could you ask members if anyone has fished tea pot dam and what works bait wise plz